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All About My CBD Add-Ons

After trials, questionnaires and getting as much feedback I can from all of my clients, I have finally settled on the companies I would like to partner with to bring you the best CBD I can find. You are now able to add CBD upgrades to your sessions, and purchase full size CBD products to take home with you. 

Companies I am using include:

Cannabis Basics

Green Roads

iCande (the owner of this company is a Seattle local and specializes in edibles of CBD and THC alike, you can find iCande420 on instagram)

The following massage upgrades are available to add-on to any session during the booking process: 

Hempy Spot Treatment ($10)

Pick a single treatment area to apply CBD infused massage oil and some of the Remedy Stick during massage. Examples of treatment areas include (but are not limited to) back, neck and shoulders, low back/hips, hands/feet

Hempy Bliss Full Body Upgrade ($20)

Get ready to leave feeling relaxed, blissed out and feeling good. Great for days you're feeling extra sore, having a relaxing day or even right before bed. None of these CBD products are intoxicating and will leave you feeling great. You will receive:

  • Two CBD gummies for a total of 50mg edible CBD (no THC in these).

  • Normal massage lotion will be swapped for CBD massage oil and will be applied to the entire body and used during the massage, there is no limit to the amount that we use.

  • Rescue Butter will be applied to hands and feet. This is a bit thicker and feels very hydrating, also smells delicious.

  • And the extra powerful Remedy Stick will be applied to extra sore areas for an added pain relief.

The following items are available for purchase, if you would like to buy your own products for home or use during our sessions (please let me know ahead of time)~

  • 1oz roll on/4oz bottle of Love Yourself Massage Oil - super soft, super smooth massage oil great for fighting all over aches and pains. ($18/$28)

  • 1oz Rescue Butter - strong pain defense in a cream form, perfect for hands, feet, neck and joints ($22)

  • .5oz Remedy Stick - this pain stick packs a punch, it is extra strength and great for those extra painful areas ($16)

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