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I Am Now Accepting New Clients

I can't wait to work with you~

Please don't hesitate to reach out through text, call, email or the contact form if you have any questions. I am a one-woman operation and am usually driving or massaging so please allow up to 72 hours for reply to phone calls and emails.

Text messages can usually get the quickest reply.


All sessions by appointment only
1100 5th Ave N
Seattle Wa 98109


Thanks for submitting!

Contact: Contact

Feedback Box

Did my breath smell? Did I not spend enough time in your complaint areas? Is my response time to emails/texts too slow? Did I talk to much? Could you feel my nails? Etc.... Whatever your feedback, I WANT to hear it. :) I thrive on growth, so let's make sure I'm growing to be the best I can be for you and your body!

Contact: Text
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